Saturday, August 25, 2012

32++ Weeks!!

Happy Weekend!!  I meant to post earlier this week, but work was busy and exhausting.  Then, I would come home and catch up on my blogs, but get too tired to then post anything.  I was back working days this week which was nice, but it was busy and it was tough to get a chance to sit down throughout the day.  Everyone has been incredible at work though and it's funny because people who don't know I'm having twins think that I should be due any day now...I just tell them that I would like to keep these babies cooking for a little while longer!!

I had a growth ultrasound at 32 weeks on Wednesday.  Both babies are still measuring on track for singletons, but they are starting to slow down in growth.  However, they have evened out more.  Baby girl weighed in at 4lbs 1oz and Baby boy at 3lbs 15 oz.  So, that's 8lbs of baby!!  I'm really hoping to get them to at least 6 lbs by delivery!! They are measuring in the 35th percentile for singletons, which is a bit of a decrease from the 80th percentile for her and the 56th percentile for him at 28 weeks, but the MFM said that this was normal now and he would expect them to stay around there or slow down a little bit more over the course of the next month.  I'm going to just do my best to keep growing big healthy babies by resting as much as I can, eating well, and drinking lots of water!!

I asked my doctor about Non-Stress Tests and Biophysical Profiles for monitoring the twins and he said that as long as they are both growing well and moving then they do not need any additional monitoring.   I would definitely prefer the extra monitoring, but for now that's okay.  Are any of you getting extra monitoring in the late 3rd trimester?  Should I be more insistent on it??  Also, any thoughts on twin vaginal birth or experiences?  I'm starting to get nervous about just getting them here safe and sound.  I feel like a c-section is safe and reliable, but if they are in the right position and I can try a vaginal delivery that might be okay too, but I know that things can get dicey with Baby B.  Let me know what you all think!!

In other news, we received our crib mattresses yesterday.  We went with the Colgate Classica III.  We wanted to get one of the Moonlight Slumber mattresses, but they were too long to fit in our crib.  We also looked at the Sealy Soybean Everedge from Babies R US, but there were about 10 reviews stating that this mattress started to sag after a little use.  The Colgate mattress was in our price range and all the reviews said if anything it was too hard, which is fine by us!!  It was very exciting finally getting to put our sheets on and see how the cribs look all dressed up.  Then, we started organizing some baby stuff.  We still have a lot of work to do, but it's coming together!!

I will try to post some pics of the nursery progress later and maybe even some bump photos!!

Happy Weekend!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy Anniversary

4 years ago today I married my best friend!!  These 4 years have been filled with so much love.  It's that love that got me through the most difficult times in my life and still fills me up every day.  It's just such an incredible feeling to love someone so much and know that they feel the same way about you.  I know that I am one lucky girl!!

We're celebrating on Saturday because I'm stuck at work on-call tonight!!

4 years ago today, we were probably dancing to Old Crow Medicine Show's Wagon Wheel!!

I'll leave you with the lyrics.

Headed down south to the land of the pines
And I'm thumbin' my way into North Caroline
Starin' up the road
Pray to God I see headlights

I made it down the coast in seventeen hours
Pickin' me a bouquet of dogwood flowers
And I'm a hopin' for Raleigh
I can see my baby tonight

So rock me mama like a wagon wheel
Rock me mama anyway you feel
Hey mama rock me
Rock me mama like the wind and the rain
Rock me mama like a south-bound train
Hey mama rock me

Runnin' from the cold up in New England
I was born to be a fiddler in an old-time stringband
My baby plays the guitar
I pick a banjo now
[ Lyrics from: http:l ]
Oh, the North country winters keep a gettin' me now
Lost my money playin' poker so I had to up and leave
But I ain't a turnin' back
To livin' that old life no more

So rock me mama like a wagon wheel
Rock me mama anyway you feel
Hey mama rock me
Rock me mama like the wind and the rain
Rock me mama like a south-bound train
Hey mama rock me

Walkin' to the south out of Roanoke
I caught a trucker out of Philly
Had a nice long toke
But he's a headed west from the Cumberland Gap
To Johnson City, Tennessee

And I gotta get a move on before the sun
I hear my baby callin' my name
And I know that she's the only one
And if I die in Raleigh
At least I will die free

So rock me mama like a wagon wheel
Rock me mama anyway you feel
Hey mama rock me
Rock me mama like the wind and the rain
Rock me mama like a south-bound train
Hey mama rock me

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

31 Weeks!!

31 weeks today!!  It's pretty exciting just to be this far along, but otherwise I don't have much to report.  I have my next OB appointment tomorrow afternoon and my next growth ultrasound next Wednesday.  I can't wait to see how big the twins are getting.  I hope they are getting big because my belly sure is getting bigger!!  I'm definitely feeling very big these days...I'm moving slower, it's hard to stand up and bend over and turning over in the middle of the night (or anytime for that matter) is pretty difficult.  Otherwise though, I feel really good.  I'm still working, but trying to take it as easy as I can when I'm at work and when I'm at home I try to keep my feet up and get a lot of rest.  We'll see what my OB says tomorrow.

My new favorite activity is sitting down and watching my belly move with their kicks and wiggles.  I try to do kick counts at least twice a day and every time I do I usually get to 10 kicks/movements within the first 10 minutes so that's really reassuring.

On the nursery front, we had our carpets cleaned this week and CJ picked up our cribs and dresser last weekend, so we might begin to put things together this weekend!!  I'm really excited, but also a little nervous.

Yes, I'm still super nervous.  I firmly believe that the twins will be joining our family safely in September, but I still pray daily for their safe arrival.  I cannot wait until they are safe and sound in our home!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

30 weeks!!

Another big milestone...30 weeks!!  Only 7 more weeks to go...or 5-6 weeks since according to my doctor most women pregnant with twins go into labor on their own between 35-36 weeks.  I'm just thankful for every additional week and for the 2 wiggly babies in my belly.  My last checkup was last Thursday and my cervix is still long and closed despite all the contractions I have been having while at work...usually about 1-4 an hour and they are much more noticeable these days.  I'm just gonna do some bullet points to try to organize my thoughts at the moment.

-I'm so happy to be 30 weeks and I'm just really looking forward to meeting these babies!!
-I'm starting to get a little nervous about delivery.  Right now, Baby Girl (A) is head down and Baby Boy (B) is transverse.  If he turns head down then we'll be able to try a vaginal delivery.  If he turns breech, then I will most likely opt for a c-section since it can be risky to deliver the second twin if they are not head down.
-We haven't taken any newborn care classes or childbirth/labor classes...I feel unprepared, but at this point there are no other classes that we could get into.
-We got into daycare for November!!  We are touring the facility next week!!  It's going to be pretty pricey...about $420/week, but it includes diapers, wipes, and food once they start eating, so that will help out!!
-I think that I am manifesting my nesting by really wanting to buy things right now.  I love going on amazon and to look for baby items and most of the time I can refrain from buying something.  I did go to a baby store in town last week and find an adorable mobile that was $50 and was on sale for $25.  I couldn't turn down such a great deal and the colors would work nicely in our nusery.  Plus, the pieces of the mobile come off and can function as toys on their own, which is pretty cool!!
-My mother in-law is making curtains for the nursery.  We picked out the fabric and sent her the measurements and I can't wait to see the finished product!!
-I'm exhausted at the end of the seriously it's hard to move exhausted.  CJ has been wonderful though by making dinners and keeping my water glass filled.  I don't know what I would do without that man!!
-And speaking of CJ, I kicked him out of our bed.  Actually it was a mutual decision.  With my snoogle and my getting up to pee and switching from side to side, neither of us was getting a lot of good sleep.  So, CJ moved into the guest room and we are both sleeping a little better these days.  I love it when he tucks me in at night though and I have the desire to try to snuggle with him in the mornings, but it's just not very practical with my big belly.
-I love watching the Olympics.  Seriously, it's my favorite thing to do!!

Okay, that's all for now.  I gotta get back to work!!  Happy Wednesday!!