Friday, April 13, 2012

13 weeks and 2 days!!

I'm still here and the little eagles are still doing well.  I'll try to post more later, but between work, my nausea, and exhaustion, it's been hard for me to do anything extra except for work, eat, take a walk (if I'm lucky), and sleep.  I'm trying to follow along on blogs, but that's been tough too.  I'm also still terrified to lose my babies and somehow by not blogging, I'm feeling the passage of time easier.  That doesn't really make awhole lot of sense, but that's just this weird feeling that I have. 

We had our NT test and bloodwork last week and we are low risk for Down's Syndrome and it was great looking at the babies for such a long time.  Next up is my 15 week appointment with my OB.  I checked on the babies yesterday and they still have heartbeats and were moving around, so that's good!!  I'm also definitely popping out.  It's pretty funny, but I love my belly and I'll be buying more maternity clothes this weekend out of sheer necessity! 

I'm looking forward to feeling the babies move because I hope that give me more reassurance.  I'm definitely feeling better about this pregnancy and I just keep repeating...we are bringing these babies home!!

Happy Friday!!


  1. What great news about the low risk. That must be such a relief!

  2. Yay! And don't worry about checking up on the blogs. Sometimes a break is nice and reading can just increase anxiety.