Monday, October 31, 2011

Medication Mishap...kinda...

This morning, I woke up early, started my car, got ready for work, jumped in my warm car, and headed off to work on time.  I was feeling really good until I pulled into the garage and realized that I forgot to take my femara.  Opps.  So, I called CJ and asked him to drop it off at work.  I woke him up because it was only 5:45 am this point.  If I ever had any doubts, I now know without a doubt that my husband loves me and is the best man in the whole world.  He scraped the ice off his car and drove to the hospital where I ran out to meet him, downed my 2 little pills, kissed him, and then we went our separate ways! 

Gotta love all the crazy things we do to make a baby!!


  1. Aww what a great hubby you have there!! Yes its true.. we do some crazy things TTC. :)

  2. Update? Have you had a follie check? Trigger? Are you feeling anything? Cycle buddy?! I miss you! :) xo