Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sometimes it's the big things!!

I was gonna try to talk about some of the little things this week, but I have some other big exciting news!!

The Little Eagles are registered for daycare in Atlanta for next year!!  YEA!!!!

This is such a huge relief.  I was losing tons of sleep and study time researching day cares, getting the twins on waiting lists, worrying about if they would get into a day care, worrying if we would be able to afford it, looking into hiring a nanny.  Then, I got an email from a friend of a friend who child attends this particular day care in Atlanta and loves it.  So, I emailed them and they have availability.  So, I called in the reinforcements by way of my twin sister who lives near Atlanta.  She headed over to the day care today and checked it out. She is a great judge of day cares and I think her criteria is even stronger than my own.  The end result...

They have availability for the twins.
We can afford it.
It's in a great location! I can walk there from one of the hospitals that I will be working at.  It's 0.3 miles away and an easy 7 minute walk.
My sister highly recommended it!!  She would send her own kids there and she was with me when we toured other day cares and she thought this was the best one.

The twins had the last 2 spots, so if we wanted them then my sister had to register them today, which she did!!

It's official the twins are in!!  It's actually a day school (not a day care) as their director informed me, so I guess the twins are going to school!!  I'm so happy...and relieved!!


  1. That's amazing! It was meant to be, I think. :)

  2. Congrats on the daycare! That must be such a relief!!!

  3. YAY! :)

    I think I'm mostly excited about finding another mommy with B/G twins -- that are almost exact same age! My babies were born on Sept 26 :)

  4. Wait, so are you moving to Atlanta for next year? Or are you already there, or what? I'm in ATL, moved there just after New Years.

  5. We are moving to Atlanta in July. How do you like it? I'm a little nervous about moving to a big city but I think it will be fun!

  6. So far I really like it, though it helps that the love of my life is here! :-D Where in the area are you going to be living? I'm on the north/west side. I'd love to meet in person!