Monday, July 23, 2012

My Baby Shower

Did I seriously just write that title?  This is all a little surreal.  But I know that I had my baby shower this weekend with my best friends in from out of town, my close friends from work, and my family because of how exhausted I am today.  It was all worth it though.  Here's a run down of the weekend. 

Friday morning...finish my final night shift (until August that is) and head home for some much needed rest. 
Friday afternoon...finish cleaning our house, run some last minute errands (spa gift certificates for the shower hostesses, pedicure for me, key grocery items, shower, get dressed for dinner

Friday night...dinner in a nearby town with my twin sister and her newest baby, my parents, aunt and uncle, CJ, and CJ's parents.  Lots of delicious pizza and water for me with everyone else trying out some local brews.  Head back to our house and await the arrival of our out-of-town friends.

Friday late night...welcome our friends from Pittsburgh (my best friend from summer camp and her boyfriend) and New York (my best friend from college).  It was so wonderful catching up with them and figuring out a good plan for the next day.  I stayed up way too late and finally got to sleep around 2:30-3am.  Yes, I'm still on the night schedule. 

Saturday morning...CJ heads out for a vet appointment and to pick up bagels for breakfast.  We all partake in yummy bagels, fruit, coffee, and OJ before heading out for some shopping at the outdoor downtown mall.  It is so wonderful to be with my best friends and doing something so normal as shopping.  I don't buy anything, but I enjoy encouraging them to buy super cute dresses and shoes. 

Saturday afternoon...shower prep at my house with all the girls in the master bedroom for hair and makeup.  My new maternity dress looks really cute and my bump looks huge!!  Then, we head over to my friend's house who is hosting the shower.  My family is already there helping with last minute preparation.  More guests start to arrive and the boys leave for a lunch of burgers and beer.

The shower...theme was 2 peas in a pod and the food was delicious, the decorations were adorable, and the games were fun.  Most of the shower was me opening up gifts.  It was so weird to be the center of attention for so long, but it was also a lot of fun and I couldn't stop smiling.  We got some really wonderful gifts as well including super cute clothes, our pack-n-play, bath toys, swaddle cloths, bibs, books for the nursery, toys, our baby monitors (Angel Care with the motion sensor that my sister swears by), and even our babies first red-sox gear!!  It was so much fun!!

Saturday night...After a quick post-shower stop at our house where we unloaded the gifts and a quick change, we headed out to dinner with my sister, the out-of-town friends, and 3 friends from here.  It was a great dinner party.  Lots of laughs and good conversations.  CJ and I even picked up the check to thank our friends for coming in from out of town and to thank our other friends for all of their support.  We are all so full!!

Saturday late night...we head back to the house early-ish (9pm) and stay up chatting and watching youtube videos until way too late.  Good night!!

Sunday morning...sleep in until 8:30am, then lounge around with our friends and get breakfast (more bagels, coffee, fruit, and OJ.)  Did I mention that our friends were all staying with us for the weekend, plus my sister and her baby stayed over on Saturday night so it was quite a full house.  Then, we hung out and went through the shower gifts and even started organizing them.  Our Pittsburgh friends had to leave early to see some sights in Virginia before heading back home.  T

Sunday afternoon...It was off to lunch for the rest of us with my family and CJ's parents.  Another fun-filled meal and more pictures!!  Then, back home in time to see our New York friend off on her bus back to NYC.  After we got home, I started crying because it was such a full weekend and I had missed all my friends so much the house just felt really empty.

Sunday night...quick dinner at home with CJ's parents.  I am definitely going to fail my glucose test on Tuesday.  They don't stay long because I'm exhausted.  The next time we see them will be go time for the babies.  CJ and I then watch a little tv and crash early.  What a weekend!!

If you made it this long, thanks for reading!!  Now, I'm just going to try to catch up on rest this week and start studying for work again.  Next up is glucose test and rhogam tomorrow and growth ultrasound on Wednesday!!


  1. Wow sounds like an eventful and fun filled weekend! Good luck on your test tomorrow and Wednesday!

  2. Red Sox gear, eh? :-)

    If I'm reading this correctly, you and I will have our glucose tests on the same day - seems fitting! Best of luck, hope yours goes smoothly (I'm holding out for the cola flavor because I've been denying myself Coke for so long and I'll be very disappointed if they don't have it!)

  3. OMG I'm exhausted just reading that post! :-) Sounds like your shower was a blast!! I can't wait for mine! (just 2 weeks away!)

  4. What a busy weekend!! I'm with Jules, exhausted just from reading it. It sounds like you had a great shower! I hope you have gotten some rest since then :)

  5. So exciting!!! I'm so happy for you. I can't wait to have these moments myself.
    Are you getting a nursery prepared? If so I hope you'll share pictures.