Saturday, October 13, 2012

Birth Story (continued)...

I last left you when we were opting for the c-section around 1pm on Wednesday, Oct 3rd.  Once we made the decision, everything happened so fast.  I was a wreck for a little while and I just felt sad that I had failed the induction...that my body had seemingly failed me again.  But after some encouragement from CJ and the docs, I  just started to get excited that we would soon be meeting the twins.  They turned off the Pitocin and Magnesium in preparation and had me drink Bicitra to lower the acid in my stomach.  Then the anesthesiologist was in to dose up my epidural so that I would be completely numb from the chest down.  CJ got dressed up in his bunny suit and hat.  We took some pictures.  Then, it was off the OR.  Once we got in the room, they helped me move over to the OR table, bumped me on my side, and put monitors on me and oxygen.  Once they tested to make sure that the epidural was working and had the drapes up, CJ came in and sat by my head.  We nervously chatted about finally deciding on their names while the OBs worked away.  I heard them call out uterine incision and I told CJ that we would soon be meeting our babies.

The next few moments were absolutely amazing.  There's nothing like hearing your children cry for the first time.  Baby girl came out crying and spread eagle as my OB held her over the drapes.  She was so beautiful.  Then, CJ left me to go see her getting all cleaned up.  Two minutes later, my son was born.  He was crying as well and a little smaller, but so so precious.  Next thing I knew, CJ brought baby girl over to me and we decided on her name.  Cassidy Anne.  We had narrowed the names down to 2 for each and she just looked like a Cassidy or a Cass since that's what her Dad calls her.  She was very bright eyed and staring all around.    Then, they brought our son over and we decided on his name.  Chase Davis.  He was breathing a little fast so they wanted to get him over the nursery to check him out.  Before I knew it, my twins were on their way to the nursery and CJ and I were left to sit in wonder about the miracles we had created.

More to come later, but the twins are getting ready to eat again!!


  1. I love the names! Cassidy is one of my favorites!!!

    Hey, I'm making my blog private (see my latest post for why). If you want to keep reading, email me at heyjbn {at} gmail [dot] com and I'll add you.

  2. It sounds like you did great and your hubby was very supportive. Great names!

  3. Love their names! Congrats again!!!

  4. Congratulations on your perfect healthy little angels! Can't wait to hear about your life with them.

  5. Yes, the first cry is unforgetable, both me and my husband cried with joy. :) Congratulations on your little miracles!!!