Friday, January 18, 2013

My favorite baby things!!

I love reading other peoples' posts about what baby things they could not live without so I thought I would do the same.  Plus, it will be nice to look back and see what baby things we used in the beginning.

1.  Convertible Double Stroller - we got the baby jogger city select with the conversion pieces for our Maxi Cosi car seats.  We love the car seats and the stroller is just awesome and totally necessary.  It wheels great on a variety of surfaces, the car seats snap in really easily, it folds down and opens up easily, it's small enough to fit in the trunk of my Mazda 3, it steers great and has a small turning radius.  We use it to take the kids for walks, to the mall, grocery store, doctor's appointments, everywhere!!

2.  Vibrating chair and swing - We didn't get 2 of anything and that turned out to be a good thing because my son really loved the vibrating chair while my daughter loved the swing.  These 2 things saved our lives in the earlier days because the kiddos would take awesome naps there!!

3.  Pack n Play with Changing Table - We got the Chico Lullaby LX.  We set up the pack n play with its changing table down in our family room next to a book shelf laden with diapers, wipes, extra blankets, and changes of clothes and toys.  This saved us many trips up stairs which was especially key while I was still recovering from my c-section.

4.  Swaddle Me and Halo Sleepsacks - My husband got good at swaddling with a blanket, but I never did and these things are perfect to get a nice tight swaddle and keep the babies from having the blanket end up in their faces.  We just upgraded to larger sizes now that the twins are getting so big.  Both styles work for us.

5.  Wannanubs - Possibly our favorite thing ever!!  Each baby has his or her own.  Baby girl has the monkey and baby boy has the giraffe.  So awesome!!

6.  Dr. Brown's bottles - Our kiddos drink really well out of these and they continue to nurse really well, so it's totally worth the extra pieces!!  We recently had to buy a bunch of 8 oz bottles since the babies are now sometimes drinking 5-6 oz at a time at day care.

I'm gonna stop their for now since I'm done pumping for the moment...just got almost 11 oz...yea!!  More to come later!!


  1. The Halo sleepsack is a staple in our house! Can't live without them -- I bought 4 so we'd always have enough in case one of the twins ever pooped or spit up on one! Also gotta have swings and vibrating bouncy chairs. I had no idea how much I needed GOOD versions of these, and that not all models are the same.

  2. Thanks from hopeful future mommy! I will keep this list for later :)

  3. What a great list! Thank you for sharing!