Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Years!!

Christmas and New Years were incredible this year for 2 very specific little eagles.  It was exhausting and there were lots of tears shed, but it was just so awesome to have my babies with me to celebrate my favorite holidays.

Here are the bullet points from my week long Christmas vacation and the closing days of 2012.

Getting out of work early on Friday before Christmas to get packed up for our first week long trip away from home with the babies.  Then, being all ready to go, but having to wait until UPS dropped off 2 final Christmas presents.

Spending the week at my parents house with CJ, the little eagles, my sister and her hubby and their 3 kids, my little brother, my little sister, my parents, my grandpa, and 3 dogs!!

Early mornings with the babies and my mom and sister...great bonding time!!

The babies first snow!!

Our first walk with the babies in their snowsuits and Bjorns!!

Lots of shopping trips with and without the babies to Kohls, Target, and more!!

Buying fun Christmas stuff for next year at great prices (Halloween outfits for the kiddos, Christmas placements and hand towels, a table runner)!  My mom and sister and I are awesome at getting great things on sale!!

Christmas morning taking pictures on the stairs before opening presents all day!!

Opening secret santa presents on Christmas Eve...a new family tradition!!

The name game...girls vs boys...hilarious!!

Winning 2 games of Settlers of Catan after I spilled water over half the board and it took us almost an hour to dry off the pieces and resume play.

Eating lots of delicious food!!

Spending the whole week with my twins and getting to nurse them again without being tied to my pump!!

Spending the whole week with my twins!!

Spending the whole week with my husband!!

Getting our babies baptized with their cousin.

And so much more...I'll continue this list as soon as I can!!

Happy 2013!!

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  1. Happy 2013! Sounds like a perfect finish to an amazing year. I want to see some pictures of these two!!