Sunday, February 3, 2013

Advice from a veteran mom

.  My sister is an amazing mom.  She has given me so much advice and helpful tips!  One of the best and most useful is her strategy for cleaning poopy clothes.  She puts the dirty clothes in a white plastic bin, fills it with hot water, adds a scoop of Oxi-Clean, and lets it soak.  When the babies came, she brought me my own white plastic bin and some Oxi-clean.  It's perfect.  We leave the bin in the bathroom and whenever the twins have a blowout we throw the clothes in the bin, add some Oxi-clean and water and leave it to soak until the stains are out or we are ready to do a load of laundry.  There is not a single stain that we have not been able to defeat!! We are going on our 2nd box of Oxi-clean now but it's totally worth it, especially since the twins have blowouts at daycare almost everyday!!


  1. Great advice!! Daily blow outs!! Oh my! We had one blow out to date (knock on wood) when we were out and baby should have been changed but we pushed it off until we got home. Yuck! I washed the clothes several times to get the stains out. We are moving on to food and I'm going to have to use your trick for stains on that! Who knew bananas would stain?!

  2. Great advice!! We usually just rub the clothes under cold running water and then run a stain stick over the offending spot and haven't had any issues with stains, but that is a LOT more work than this idea haha