Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy ICLW

This is my first time participating since before IVF and before the twins.  It feels good to be back and I have enjoyed reading new blogs and commenting during my pumping breaks!!  Welcome if this is your first time visiting.  My timeline is now pretty much update, but briefly here's my story.

In August 2010, I suffered a missed miscarriage at 10 weeks after seeing the heartbeat 4 weeks earlier.  Then, I had to have 2 x D&C's within a week due to retained clot.  I went on to have a year of irregular cycles and I started Clomid with my OBGYN and had one chemical pregnancy.  After the chemical, we moved on to an RE and tried Clomid, Trigger shot, and timed intercourse.  When that didn't work, we moved to a new clinic and started to pull out the bigger guns.  We did 2 femara IUI cycles that were not successful.  At this point, since we were already spending quite a bit of money each month, we decided to go big or go home.  So, we moved on to IVF without delay.  My RE actually told me about a study in which women with infertility were randomized to clomid (with IUI, I think) x 3 cycles and then IVF vs going straight to IVF (or something like that, I'm a little fuzzy on the details now) and the women who went straight to IVF got pregnant faster and spent less money overall.

Our 1st IVF cycle began in January 2012 and we were successful with twins!!  My pregnancy was uneventful despite working until 38 weeks and I was induced at 38 weeks.  Unfortunately, by that time I had developed preeclampsia and my induction stalled around 4cm.  I had a c-section on October 3, 2012 and my beautiful little eagles entered the world.  At this point, we passed Rainbowmaking 101 and are now working on parenting twins 101.  It's totally crazy and totally wonderful.

The thing about blogging that has given me so much comfort over the years is that there is just so much hope.  At any point, you can read some one's blog and things are not going well or they are in a dark place.  I definitely was not in a good place when I started this blog.  Then, you can fast forward a few months or years and their lives are different and they are happier whether they got pregnant or got a new job or went on a trip.  It's a crazy chronicle of life and it really filled me with hope when I most needed it.  I also love blogging anonymously and just getting to write about whatever I'm thinking about or what's happening in my life and get it out of head. It makes me feel lighter and less burdened.

Okay, well, my pump break is over, but thanks for reading!!


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog and congrats on your twins! I agree that it's always great to read when someone is in a dark place and gets a new treatment plan or ends up resolving their infertility.


  2. "At this point, we passed Rainbowmaking 101 and are now working on parenting twins 101." Love it!!

  3. Congrats on your new babies!! I love hearing about new twin mommies. The first year is so hard, but you can get through it and it will be so worth it. My twins are almost 4, and I can't even believe how big they are. It's amazing to watch them grow into real people. Happy ICLW!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate how you commented that each of us have our posts from our dark places. It helps to remind that you can't judge a blog (or a person) by just one post!

  5. Hi from ICLW. Congratulations on your twins!! I just love hearing about success stories like yours.

  6. Visiting from ICLW. I really enjoyed reading your summary and look forward to coming back to read more. Congrats on your twins! I love reading success stories :)

    I also love your blog picture in the background! It's beautiful!

  7. I love the background photo on your blog. And congratulations about your recent IVF success, it's great to hear from those who have tried and succeeded in the sometimes ficle area of fertility. I work for a clinic that does pgd preimplantation genetic diagnosis and they've asked me to offer encouragement & congrats on various blogs so I'm glad this time its congrats.