Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Finding Time to Exercise!!

I need some help.  I am a formerly very athletic person.  In my previously life aka before my miscarriage and infertility, I played basketball, volleyball and ran track and field in high school.  I played basketball and sailed in college.  I ran my way through medical school and intern year and I have completed 6 marathons.  I had just finished my first round of Insanity when we got pregnant the first time and I had never looked better.  Then, I had a miscarriage.  After that it was hard to exercise or commit to anything serious like Insanity or a marathon because I never knew if I was going to get pregnant and I didn't want strenuous exercise to be the reason why I couldn't get pregnant.

Then, we did IVF and got pregnant with our twins.  Throughout my pregnancy, I took it very easy until I was like 34 weeks pregnant and then I started walking again.  Postpartum, I took frequent walks with  the babies after I healed from my c-section.

Now, the twins are almost 7 months old.  I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I'm really struggling with finding time to exercise besides taking the kids for walks.  Part of me really wants to be an athletic mom who is in great shape.  The other part of me is still so tired and still spending a lot of time nursing or pumping throughout the day.  The question is then Do I just wait until I'm done breastfeeding to start exercising again or is there some way to fit it in now?  How do you find time to be a mom and exercise?  Oh yeah and work ridiculous hours in the hospital.

Any tips or tricks for getting back into shape and finding time to exercise while breastfeeding or just in general would be very much appreciated!!

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