Friday, April 12, 2013

How not to store breast milk efficiently...

This is what my freezer current looks like.  As you can see we no longer here any ice in the freezer and we have very little frozen food.  It's pretty funny.  I am so thankful for my supply and proud of how much I have stored up. I was away for a work conference for 3 days so CJ gave the kids defrosted milk with some formula since we had an open container of formula that we needed to use up.  Otherwise, the kids have been getting only breast milk.  It's kinda crazy.  

I made it to my first goal of 6 months breastfeeding the twins.  I also reached my pre-pregnancy, pre-IVF weight of 134.  I would like to lose a little more weight and start to get in better shape.  My goal is 125lbs with exercising more regularly and light weight lifting as well.  I would also love to do Insanity again, but it's just not feasible while I'm nursing/pumping.  People keep asking me how much longer I'm going to continue breastfeeding.  I really don't know exactly, but I will need to be done and weaned by July 3rd (when the twins turn 9 months old) because I will not get breaks during the day to pump when I start my new job.  So, 3 more months.  I'm hoping by then the twins will have started to wean themselves too so that it can be pretty mutual.  I know that I will definitely miss it.  This has been an incredible experience that I'm only really starting to appreciate now that I'm thinking about weaning.  That being said I have weaned down to 6 nursing/pumping sessions/day (since the twins are only eating 6 times/day now anyways).  It's wonderful to be able to sleep through the night when the twins sleep through the night and not have to wake up and pump in the middle of the night anymore.

I'm on call today so that means lots of pumping and lots of missing the little eagles, but I have a full weekend off from work and home with them and CJ and I can't wait!!  Happy Friday!!

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