Friday, September 7, 2012

34 weeks!!

Holy Cow!!  I can't believe how close we are to meeting these babies.  I had another doctor's appointment today and it was so much better than my appointment last week.  So, last week the OB doctors told me that they would let me go until 39 weeks before an induction or c-section without any additional monitoring as long as the babies looked fine.  This made me incredibly nervous because all along the doctors (including this one) had always said either 37-38 weeks or 37 weeks at the latest.  I know that there are good studies out there that show that there is no additional benefit to remaining in utero for twins greater than 37-38 weeks and the mortality rate just goes up.  Plus, I know that a lot of women pregnant with twins go in for Non-stress tests starting about now and every time I ask, this doctor in particular just brushes me off.  That being said I decided to make sure that I scheduled my remaining appointments with another doctor in the group.

And I'm so glad that I did because my doctor today was wonderful.  She was so nice and understanding and I felt like she was really listening to me.  Plus, she was totally on-board with a scheduled induction sometime between 37-38 weeks.  We left it that she would touch base with the MFMs who have been doing my ultrasounds and confirm with them that I don't need to go in for any non-stress tests and that it would be okay to go ahead and schedule my induction for 37 weeks!!  I'm still waiting to hear back from her, but as long as I have an end-date between 37-38 weeks, I will feel so much better!!

In other news, I'm really big and starting to feel aches and pains all over.  That being said I still worked Tuesday-Thursday in the operating room this week and only took today off to do some research and go to my appointment.  Next week, my goal is to work 2 days in the OR.  It's tough being at work, but it definitely helps the time to go by faster and everyone is so nice at work too!!

The babies are kicking away and I hope getting bigger!!  We have another growth ultrasound next Friday (only 1 more week!!) and I'm going in for weekly appointments with my OB as well as doing obsessive kick counts and still using my doppler.  I just want these babies here safe and sound!!

I'm going to post some nursery pics next, so stay tuned!!


  1. First, you are amazing for still being able to work!!! I just got my induction sheduled today at 37w1d. The MFM office pushed for 38w+ but my OB fought for me to go during 37. Thank goodness... I'm a swollen mess. I'm so happy you got your induction for 37 as well!! I'm sure you are ready and doesn't it help to have a goal in mind?? I'm so excited for you!!!

  2. I can't believe you are still working! That's crazy! I can barely get around anymore at all, and I fall asleep every afternoon.

    Yay for induction date! Mine set ours for 38 weeks but I am thinking of trying to push it to be earlier, but I have a feeling we're not making it to then anyway haha