Thursday, September 13, 2012

35 Weeks!!

Just a quick note about my appointment today.  It went well.  Good strong heartbeats.  My belly is measuring 42 weeks.  And my cervix is 1-2cm dilated, 50% effaced, and baby girl is -2 station and the OB said that my cervix is very soft.  So, I'm hopeful that these babies will come before their induction date, which has been set at 38 weeks aka October 2nd.  It's crazy to think that in 2.5 weeks my twins will be here.  I'm still super nervous, but I'm just trying to enjoy their kicks and enjoy my time hanging out with CJ and our puppy while it's still quiet in the house!!

I'll update more after my ultrasound tomorrow morning.


  1. You are so close!! I can't believe it! I feel like it was just yesterday that you and I were both TTC so hard post-mc with cycle after cycle of bad news. I'm so thankful that we are in much different places now. I can't wait to hear all about their birth and hopefully see pictures of your little ones.

  2. Wow!!!! 35 weeks is absolutely amazing! Good job mama! Especially since you are still working! You are one tough lady :). Can't wait for you to have those two!

  3. Yay! You're so close!!! How wonderful that you've made it this far. Home stretch, baby!!!