Monday, September 17, 2012

Ready to get this show on the road!!

Almost 36 weeks, feeling great, and just ready to meet the little eagles!!  Seriously, it's pretty hard to concentrate these days because I just keep thinking about when I'm going to go into labor, if I'm going to go into labor, will my water break, when will we get the party started.

The only signs I have of possible impending labor is possibly starting to lose my mucus plug over the weekend and persistent loose stools, which I heard can be a sign because the body is cleaning its self out in preparation for labor.  I'm still having frequent contractions, but no more than every 10 minutes and they usually stop after an hour max.

Next appointment is on Wednesday!!  Back to work in the OR tomorrow.  Maybe my water will break

Let the 14 day countdown begin!!

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  1. So impressed that you're still working, and on your feet no less... good luck this week!