Friday, September 7, 2012

Nursery pics!!

Finally some pics...its still a work in progress but we are getting closer!!
The changing table and glider are borrowed for the year, which is great because we didn't have to buy them and we won't have to move them next year.  The glider will likely go in our bedroom down the hall so that we can rock a crying baby while the other baby is still hopefully sleeping!!

We went with Skip Hop's complete sheet Mod Dot for both babies.  Our cribs are the Ocean V1 from Baby's dream collection and our crib mattresses are from Colgate.  You can see our angel care monitors set up on the end of the crib as well.  The cribs are full of all the babies clothes that we have received as gifts and hand-me-downs.

The art work on the walls is just some framed fabric that I did for our guest bedroom.  We will likely be getting wall decals to coordinate with the colors in the sheets and curtains, but we are still waiting for the new curtains from my mother-in-law before we do any wall decorating.

This is the other side of the room.  The glider will likely move to our bedroom and get a new cushion (so that we can give this borrowed one back in excellent condition. The changing pad is covered with the skip hop mod dot cover and the baskets below are from target!!

I love our dresser from Ikea!! The lamp we already had in the room and we might get a new shade for it, but it works for now.  We're still not sure what we are going to do on top of the dresser or on the walls.  We will need some place for books.  All of those drawers are empty for now just waiting for us to wash some clothes and fill them up.

We still need to get a laundry hamper and a garbage can/diaper pail and then we'll be done with all the practical things.  The decorating will come later and I can't wait until the new curtains arrive from my mother in law!!

Happy weekend!!


  1. Everything looks great! I was also considering the mod dot pattern. It's so cute!!!

  2. Gaaaaahhhh you're making me nervous that all of our nursery stuff is still in boxes! Glad to hear someone else got the angel monitors, we'll have to trade notes on them.