Thursday, November 29, 2012

8 weeks old already!!

The little eagles are getting so old.  I cannot believe that 8 weeks have passed since they were born.  Crazy!!  Time really is flying!!  This is just a quick update to say that the twins are both smiling now and starting to coo, which is really awesome.  They are not totally in sync and sleeping through the night yet, but if we let them sleep in their swing and vibrating chair then we can get a pretty decent night sleep (even though I have to sleep on the couch!)  We definitely want them to sleep in their cribs eventually, but I know that getting sleep for me is important too!!

Update for me.  I'm still breastfeeding and pumping and it's going well, but it's hard to find the time at work.  I'm also eating like crazy, which is fun, but I think I'm going to cut back just a little bit so I can lose the last few pounds from pregnancy (6lbs) and from IVF (10lbs).  I'm super happy about the babies and so in love!!  It's hasn't been easy though and it still isn't easy, but I know that each day and week that passes we are getting closer to them sleeping through the night...I can't wait!!

Well, I just finished pumping!!

Happy almost Friday!!

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  1. So glad to hear this update - isn't the cooing adorable? I didn't really understand what the big deal was until O started to do it recently. WAY better than constant wailing, if you ask me!

    Good luck with the sleeping, and in the meantime, just think of all the ways you can one-up your fellow residents! And they think THEY'RE sleep-deprived... :-)