Thursday, December 6, 2012

2 months!!

My little eagles passed the 2 month milestone this week!!  Yesterday we saw our pediatrician (who we absolutely love!!)  She said that the babies are perfect!!  Baby boy weighed in at 11lbs 7oz and baby girl at a delicate 10lbs 3oz.  He is 50th percentile for weight with a head circumference that is 25th percentile and she is 25th percentile for weight and 50th percentile for head circumference.  We had all our questions answered about sleeping and eating and baby girl's flat spot on the back of her head (very mild according to the pediatrician) and we got some neck muscle stretching holds to do with her as well.  Then, it was time for their vaccinations.  3 shots plus one oral vaccination with a tylenol chaser.  The babies did great and even proceeded to come home and down their bottles.  The rest of the night was not so easy.  Baby boy had a fever by morning and slept fit fully on CJ's chest.  We gave him more tylenol this morning and he was doing much better but he bought himself a day in the sick room.   Luckily, baby girl didn't have a fever and her cough from earlier in the week was much better so she got to go back to the classroom.  Poor CJ has missed so much work this week with the colds, sick days, and dr's appointment.  

In other news, I am definitely struggling with the working mom thing.  It's hard.  On the one hand, I love what I do and I need to finish my residency, complete my fellowship, and then get a good paying job so that I can pay back my loans, so taking more time off is just not an option right now.  On the other hand, it's hard when the babies come home smelling like the women who take care of them and when I don't get to dress them in the morning and when I'm pumping all the time instead of nursing.  It's totally, totally worth it to be a working's just that I get it why some women opt to stay at home to take care of their precious miracles.  In retrospect, I think I just went back to work to soon.  I didn't really have an option to take more time off, but I think a full 3 months or maybe even just a full 2 months would have made a big difference instead of the 6 weeks.  

For now though we are in survival mode.  And it's not as bad as it sounds.  The days are filled with working and pumping for me and working and dropping off/picking up the babies for CJ and the evenings, nights, and early morning hours are filled with the babies...and the weekends...the weekends are just awesomeness with so much time to just be a parent and spend quality time with the babies.  CJ and I also try to sneak in some husband and wife time too.  I know we need more of that but we are learning!!

Okay, well that was just a lot of rambling, but it feels good to get it out there.  Thanks for reading!!


  1. So glad you got through that first vaccines milestone - my pediatrician says it'll be worse for me as a parent than it is for the baby! I'm already dreading his 8-week appointment. Good luck with the continued balancing working mom act!

  2. Ah yes, survival mode. It's great isn't it? I can't imagine returning to work at 6 weeks...I'm sorry you have to struggle through that! You are doing it for the betterment of your family in the long run. Keep telling yourself that. Enjoy those weekends!!