Friday, December 21, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!

I'm so excited for Christmas this year!  Two years ago, I expected to be pregnant with my first child on Christmas.  We miscarried at 10 weeks in August and by Christmas I was so so sad and desperately wanted to be pregnant.  Needless to say, AF was late that month so I tested the morning after Christmas and was greeted by a BFN and lots of tears.  One year ago, Christmas wasn't so bad.  I still wasn't pregnant, but we were gearing up to do IVF and hoping for a Christmas miracle on the cycle before.  AF arrived the day after Christmas, so no testing needed and we dove into the world of IVF.

This year, this year...I'm tearing up as I write this...

This year, I don't want to be pregnant, I'm not sad at all, and there will be no AF or BFNs.  This year, I have my beautiful little eagles who are so awesome and have filled up that whole in my heart and made this once again the most wonderful time of the year!!  When we were struggling with infertility, every month that we were trying I would think about how far along I would be at Christmas time.  I so badly wanted to be pregnant at Christmas.  Well the jokes on me because I didn't get a chance to be pregnant at Christmas and this is so so so much better.  God's plan and his timing really are perfect and I am so thankful.

The eagles are doing great.  This week they have been waking up between 5-6am so that means that I get to feed them and get them dressed for the day before running off to work.  I love waking up to their smiley faces (after the finish nursing, of course!) and getting them dressed is so fun too!!  Today, they are wearing their Christmas outfits to daycare and they looked so cute!!  We always play music and have fun wake time either with the twins together in one crib or downstairs in their chairs or swing.  Then, when they start to get sleepy we put them in their car seats so that they can take a nap while CJ gets ready for work and to take them to daycare.  We actually have a pretty good routine in the morning, but I was running about 5 minutes late for work all week because the twins were so smiley and cute that it was hard to say goodbye!!  Today is my last day of work before having all of next week off and I can't wait!  We are heading up to my parents house for lots of fun and Christmas craziness!!

Happy Friday and Merry Christmas!!  What a difference 2 years makes!!

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  1. Sounds like the most perfect xmas times 2!!! So happy you got your Christmas wish...and then some ;)