Thursday, March 7, 2013

Postpartum Cravings!!

We always talk so much about pregnancy cravings and I definitely had my share.  Can we say anything made out of potatoes during the first 3 months (especially fries and tater tots!!) and then milkshakes during the last 2 months and red meat from months 4-8.  But what about postpartum cravings???  Maybe it's just me, but during the past 5 months I have had even stronger cravings then when I was pregnant.  It might totally be just me.  

Here's my list of cravings/new food preferences.

1.  Dark Beer.  This one kinda amazes me because I was a strictly wheat beer or cider drinking girl before IVF and getting pregnant.  Now, all I want to drink is dark beer including oatmeal stouts and Guinness. It just tastes so good and I find myself craving a stout once or twice a week.  My husband loves this new preference because now we can share cases of beer (he was never a big cider fan.)

2.  Chicken/Egg/Tuna Salad.  I am seriously obsessed.  And it's a good thing I'm still breastfeeding/pumping because I know this isn't the healthiest craving.  I probably have a chicken or egg salad sandwich at work once or twice a week and then I make either egg or tuna salad at home with salad or crackers a couple times a week too.  

3.  Milkshakes!!  Maybe I just love milkshakes and should stop attributing it to cravings!!

4.  Chocolate.  I have been trying to cut back, but there are times when I don't want anything else to eat besides chocolate.  Especially brownies.  Yup, I'm obsessed with brownies right now.  

5.  Krave Cereal.  It's so good.

6.  Steamed vegetables.  This is the only way I really like eating veggies right now.  Last week I had steamed carrots and snap peas 3 nights in a row.  

Okay, those are the major ones.  I just find it interesting and wanted to document it to see if these are lasting preferences or just a phase.  

Did you have any strong postpartum cravings or preferences or aversions??

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  1. Reading your list just made me hungry for chocolate donuts!