Sunday, June 30, 2013

A June Lookback

I'm way late I know and the month will expire in a few short hours, but Junes have been the months of endings and startings for so long that I wanted to look back through my last few Junes.  It's been a pretty impressive turn around.

Way back when...when I was 18-23 years old, every June meant the same thing...The Start of Summer Camp!!  I was a camp counselor and director and I loved, loved, loved my time at camp.  It really helped shape the person I am today.

Then, I went to medical school and Junes meant the end of a year of medical school and advancing to the next year from the classroom lectures to the clinical rotations in the hospital.  I never did see a 4th June in medical school since I graduated in May.

On to Internship and Residency and this is where the story gets interesting.

June 2009.  Fresh out of medical school.  Starting residency.  So excited and so nervous and happy.  Living in a new apartment in Virginia, just CJ and me.  That summer we also celebrated our 1st year wedding anniversary.

June 2010.  Finish Intern year.  Great year that flew by.  Have lots of new friends.  Decide to start trying after a ski trip in March.  Not successful our first month.  AF arrives early in June, but it's still so early in the game.  Little did we know that this was the month that we conceived our angel baby.  Still so happy and naive.  Life is good.  It gets even better in July when we find out that we are pregnant.  Then, it gets way, way worse when we have a missed miscarriage and two D&Cs at the end of August/beginning of September.

June 2011.  Still not pregnant, but trying so so hard.  Guess who is pregnant though and already out of the 1st trimester, my sister.  About to move on to a RE for the first time after 3 failed cycles of clomid.  Complete a mindfulness course that starts to help the healing process.  So sad, frustrated, angry, sad, sad, sad.

June 2012.  Pregnant with twins!!  What a difference a year makes.  After our first IVF cycle in January.  We are expecting a boy and a girl in September/October.  We cross the viability threshold this month.  I continue to have frequent contractions at work, but my cervix stays long and closed.  I'm nervous about the babies, but so happy and grateful and loving feeling their kicks and hearing their heartbeats and seeing my ever-expanding belly.  Little did we know what we were in for this fall when we delivered our little eagles at 38 weeks and 1 day by c-section.  Our lives were forever changed that day.  We have been falling in love with them ever since.

June 2013.  I am a few weeks shy of completing my residency and as I type this my babies are sleeping in the nursery next door.  I am so in love with my little eagles and couldn't be happier.  They have helped me to heal and for my heart to expand.  I am a better person for knowing them.  Life is so so so good.  And I am so thankful for my wonderful husband who is nothing short of amazing.

What an amazing journey so far!!

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  1. "Our lives were forever changed that day. We have been falling in love with them ever since." My heart is so full reading this. :-)