Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Time Warp Tuesdays

I had some rare extra free time this morning and I thought I would participate in my First Time Warp!!  Here's the link for more info and participants in the Time Warp Tuesdays.   http://bereavedandblessed.com/projects-regular-series/time-warp-tuesdays/ 

This month's topic is Decisions.  This is the post I wrote a year and a half ago about the rather quick decision we made to pursue IVF.  


The day after that post, I went in for my CD3 ultrasound and talked to my RE about IVF.  She was wonderful and after a short talk with her, I realized that CJ and I had made the best decision already.  My RE talked about a study in which women were given either clomid for three months or went straight to IVF and the women who went on to IVF first, got pregnant faster and ultimately spent less money.

In the days and weeks following that post, I remained very excited about IVF and hopeful.  The anticipation really did help keep depression at bay for over the holiday season.  I also continued to see my therapist frequently and that provided a whole new layer of support.

Our IVF cycle started in January and by February we found out that we were pregnant with twins who were born on October 3, 2012.

By Thanksgiving of this year, we were celebrating with our new babies and it was a Happy, Happy Thanksgiving indeed!

The decision to do IVF came up all of a sudden.  Throughout the fall, CJ had said that we would do 2 IUI's and then take a break for awhile.  When AF arrived after IUI #2, I was devastated and desperate.  I so, so badly wanted to be pregnant.  I also wanted to be efficient and I knew that I wasn't getting any younger.  Armed with statistics and the financial info, I approached CJ and brought up the topic of IVF.  My argument for was basically go big or go home and our clinic had fantastic numbers for someone my age and we could do the guarantee program which gave us 4 fresh cycles + all of the frozen cycles that we could do and we either had a baby at the end or we got our money back.  I was worried that if we waited until I finished residency and fellowship that I would be 32 and the statistics were not as good.  My other money-saving argument in favor was that if I did get pregnant and we had a baby while I was in residency, then all of my prenatal appointments and hospitalizations with delivery would be 100% covered...and that would save us a ton of money.  I don't really know why CJ gave in so readily, but I am forever thankful that he did.  Maybe I'll even get him to write about how he made this decision some day.  Overall, I think it was one of the most important decisions that we have ever made and I am so thankful.  It brought us our twins, our little eagles!!


  1. So much about IVF is "go big or go home". It's really not for the faint of heart. But big risks = big rewards and you sure got yours!!! Great story. :)

  2. Wow, you really did make the right decision heading to IVF without doing other interventions first. I so glad IVF was a choice you could make and that you did make it and that it brought you your twins. Congrats!

  3. Welcome to Time Warp Tuesday and I second Esperanza's wow! That is so awesome that you got pregnant, and with twins, on your first IVF cycle! That is truly fabulous! I also agree with Jules that IVF is not for the faint of heart and am so happy for you that your risk did equal such a big reward! Thank you for doing the Time Warp with us this month! I would love for you to join us again in the future!