Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Vacation with twins...sans husband

Greetings from the beach!!  Well last year at this time I was craving the beach and couldn't go and this year I'm here with the little eagles.  Unfortunately since the babies were sick for a week straight last month, CJ used all of his vacation time up except for one day.  He drove up with us and stayed through Monday, but now he is back at work. So, it's me, the little eagles, my parents, my sister and her family.  It is still awesome, but we miss "papa."

Going on vacation with twins is exhausting but totally great.  The babies love the pool and we go every night just before bedtime and its great.  Baby boy really likes the beach.  He loves playing in the waves and eating sand.  Baby girl needs to be held more and doesn't like wearing her hat but I'm hoping she warms up to it.  It has also been great taking lots of long walks with my mom and sister and the kids.  We've been making dinners every night except for going out to pizza on the first night and going out for seafood for our first lunch so it's been nice and relaxed.  I'm still breastfeeding and at any moment you might find me offering my babies some boob juice strait from the the beach, sure why not...on the couch with everyone else running around, our bedroom trying to get them back to sleep, only as a last resort ( and don't tell CJ.)

Okay we'll we're off to the beach now.

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