Saturday, June 8, 2013

To try again????

So we are home from the beach and I'm scheduled to get my Mirena IUD placed on Wednesday and all I can think about is do I want another baby and should we just not try and not try not to and see what happens.  It's totally crazy that I feel this way.  I really need to work out my feelings on the matter and have a nice long discussion with CJ, but for now I wanted to start the ball rolling on my blog.  Now, it's out there and I have to actually address my feelings rather than pretend they don't exist and just go ahead with the scheduled Mirena.

Not really sure what brought this on or what really lies ahead for us.

I do know that I love the little eagles and CJ and our little family has filled me to the brim.

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  1. I am also torn on this subject. I think it's a pretty common issue with people who have twins first, especially those who have gone through infertility. There's the question of birth control -- I mean I'm on the pill again because even though the chances that we could get pregnant naturally are like 2% but there is still a chance -- and we've always wanted two, but we also wanted to have a girl but we could just wind up with a third boy if we try just to have a girl! And we're not getting any younger. So. Yeah. Those are some of the thoughts going through my head now and then.