Monday, August 22, 2011

Treading water...

So I know I 'm still due for a post about my vacation and anniversary (3 years!!) but i came up with a good analogy about my life that I wanted to share. 

So here goes...when I got pregnant the first time last year, I started swimming to the island of motherhood (okay a little cheesy but bare with me.)   When I miscarried a big storm came and I sunk for a little while.  I finally resurfaced in December when we started ttc again and I began treading water.  I've been treading water ever since then, but as each cycle passes, the fatigue sets in and it becomes harder to keep my head above water.  And then there are the waves that hit me from time to my sister getting pregnant, a couple of friends at work being pregnant, another BFN, having AF show up again even when we did everything right.

When I do get pregnant again, I'm be floating on top of the water and I'll get to start swimming back to the island.  I can't wait for that day!!

Until then, I'll just keep treading!


  1. Never thought of it this way but ur so right. One day we will be swimming to that motherhood island. Just watch.
    . ::sigh!::

  2. I agree with Diana....we'll get to that island we've been dreaming about someday, somehow. And we'll have a damn nice pair of legs when we do! :o)

  3. Perfect analogy. It's really tiring hey? Hang in there, we'll all make it some day.

  4. Very well said...I'm certainly tired of treading. I wish someone would through a noodle or something my way!