Friday, August 5, 2011

Vacation time!!

We leave for vacation in about 18 hours.  I can't wait!!  One week with CJ on the beach.  Yea, we're going with my family too, but I'm going to try to really focus on hanging out with CJ so that we can have some nice, relaxing time together away from our busy lives.  We're leaving behind our amazing puppy, but he's staying with friends who have a couple of dogs, so he'll be in good hands.
So, I had my acupuncture appointment on Monday.  It was interesting.  The lady does specialize in infertility and said she has lots of success stories.  She told me that I would need to give her 3 months and that we are basically getting the garden ready to plant (with a baby).  She was a little blunt and business-like at times, but I am hopeful that this will help.  So, after my interview with her, she examined my pulses, looked at my tongue, and then we got on with the treatment.  I had needles in my forehead, both hands, one foot, and one leg/knee.  It didn't really hurt at all just a couple of zings when the needles contacted my chi and hopefully got it flowing again.  Her other recommendations with interesting and I'm doing my best to follow them.
1.  Herbs - The Blossom herbs in capsules.  I take 3 pills 3 times every day and go through different phases for each week of my cycle.
2.  Sing - really belt it out.  She said I have some stagnation issues and this will help get things moving.  (I think my hula hooping will also help.)
3.  Eat red fruits and vegetables - this is supposed to help my blood.  So far this week I've had red peppers, tomatoes, sweet potato, mandarin oranges, raspberries and watermelon.  (She said orange was okay too.)
4.  Eat cooked vegetables rather than cold salads to warm me up.  I started getting the cooked vegetables in the cafeteria for lunch this week and some days they were really tasty.
5.  Get moving - this is to help with the stagnation.  I went for a run this week, went swimming with a friend, took my dog for a bunch of walks, and have been hula hooping.
That's about it.  I made another appointment for when I get back from vacation and it will be cd 19, so maybe her treatment can help with ovulation or implantation.
I'm still not temping and no OPKs!!  I never really minded temping, but it's realy nice not temping and basing my day on what number was on the thermometer.  I finished my clomid yesterday and so far no real side effects except for some moodiness, but overall I'm feeling pretty good.  I started taking mucinex 400mg 3 times a day (with my herbs), so I'm hoping for some good CM when the time comes to BD...which we will be sneaking in while we're on vacation next week!!

I hope you all have a great weekend!!  I know have 21 followers which is so exciting!  Thanks for reading!!

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  1. hey there! Wanted to congratulate you... you are the winner of my giveaway!!! Eeeeeek.. I hope I got you before you leave on your vacation. =) either way, have a GREAT vacation girlfriend!! You deserve a good ol time. Stay safe and have lots and lots of fun!! =)