Monday, August 1, 2011

Trying something new...

This afternoon, I have my first acupuncture appointment.  I'm really excited and a little nervous.  It's really nice to be trying something different this time around.  I cannot help but be hopeful once again...but there is definitely some reservation since I have been hopeful for the past 7 cycles.  This cycle also feels different because I'm not temping and I won't be doing OPKs.  I'm hoping at some point after I finish taking the clomid that I will just forget what cycle day I'm on and go a couple of months without a period and wake up and be in my 2nd trimester.  Ahh, wouldn't that be nice?!?

I can't believe it's August already.  Last year at this time I was pregnant and happy and terrified of a miscarriage.  I cannot believe that I have made it 11+ months and I'm still not even a little bit pregnant.  My sister on the other hand is in her 5th month of her 3rd pregnancy.  Everything is going really well with her and her pregnancy so that's good.  I was hoping to be pregnant at the same time as her though and my window of opportunity is running out.  Oh well. These days, I'm feeling much better and I'm able to enjoy my life with CJ and our puppy a lot more now.  I am so very grateful for my wonderful husband and everyday with him is an amazing blessing!  We're going on vacation next week to the beach and I'm hoping it's just what the doctor ordered as far as relaxing and taking our minds off of TTC.  We are going with my family though, so we'll have to sneak in our babydancing sessions.  I just can't wait for a week of reading fun books, running on the beach, playing tennis, swimming, eating good food, and sleeping in.  Only 4.5days of work left until we leave!!


  1. My fingers are crossed for you this cycle! I've been doing acupuncture since March and I love it. Not so sure it has helped me but I think it has in small ways...enjoy!

  2. How was acupuncture? I've never tried it. I don't exactly love needles, so not sure I could handle it :). Hope you have a great vacation!!!