Thursday, July 14, 2011


It begins again.

I'm in the 2WW and I'm not really sure how I'm feeling.  I'm happy that this cycle has been moving so quickly and it's wonderful to ovulate on CD 16 instead of CD 22.  Yea!  Yesterday, Ovulation Day, I was expecting horrible cramps (the nurse told me to be on the look out), but I only had dull aching throughout the day.  We bd'd the night of the trigger, 32 hours after the trigger, and 52 hours after the trigger or 18 hours after ovulation.  I'm confident that we had excellent timing and I seemed to have excellent fertile CM, so I didn't need to use any preseed.  All I can do now is wait, hope, and pray.

Dear God,
Please let this be the one we've been waiting for, our rainbow baby.  On my end of things, I will strive to get the most out of every day of this 2ww and be happy and thankful for all the blessing that I do have.
Thanks for listening!


  1. Wishing u lots and lots of good vibes.. Come on baaaaaby! she's got a good home for u!! :)

  2. Hoping for a BFP for you!!