Sunday, July 31, 2011

Here we go again...

There was no happy ending for me this time around.  AF arrived on Friday.  No BFP, no getting to start counting up weeks, no baby growing inside me.  Total bummer.  I really thought we had it this last time around.  Now, its on to cycle 8 of TTC after my miscarriage.  I'll be doing clomid again...round #5.  We won't be able to do IUI though because we'll be on vacation, so more fun timed intercourse on vacation and at home and a lot more praying!!

Today is CD 3 and I took my first dose of clomid this morning.  Tomorrow, I'm off to my first acupuncture appointment for infertility and I'm so excited.  It feels like we're really doing things differently this cycle by adding in the acupuncture.  I'm also going to abandon my thermometer and OPKs.  Oh yeah, and I'm going to keep hula hooping!!

Have a great weekend!!

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