Friday, July 8, 2011


Happy Friday.  I'm not sad today, which is good and I have some reasons to be happy or at least kinda excited.  Today is CD 11 (which also means it's another BD'ing day = Happy!)  I had my mid-cycle monitoring ultrasound today.  Here's what we saw.

My endometrial stripe was 5.  He said that was a little on the thin side, but that it would get thicker over the next few days.

On my left ovary, there were a couple of follicles, but the largest was only 10.

On my right ovary, there were 2 nice, big follicles measuring 15mm.  Since follicles grow about 2mm/day, he said that I should be ready to ovulate in 3 days, which is really exciting.  Plus, I have 2 dominant follicles, so hopefully I'll have at least 2 changes to get knocked up or maybe twins.  Then, he joked that we might be adding some conservative republicans to our family (since they are coming from the  It made me feel so good though to see my body responding to the meds and to hear the doctor talking about making babies from theses follicles.

Next step is LH-surge testing over the weekend.  If no surge by Monday, then I'll have another ultrasound and get a trigger shot that night.

Speaking of the trigger shot.  My doctor called it in to CVS, who then called me to say that it would be a $1500 prescription.  Well, there is no way we can afford that so I did some calling around and found Freedom Fertility Pharmacy who will supply the meds by Monday for only $75.  That is such a relief.  I guess I won't be getting any new clothes for the summer though.

So, I guess I'm a little more hopeful today, but I still just want to be pregnant already and I'm worried how I will get through another arrival of AF.  Only time will tell...

Happy Weekend!!

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