Saturday, September 3, 2011

CD 7 - Last day of Femara pills

I can't believe I'm already a week into this next cycle.  Just last Sunday when the witch arrived, time seemed to slow down.  But here we are, somehow another week gone by.  I'm trying to be more optimistic this time, so how about this for optimism...I'm officially 1 week pregnant. 

Lol.  Isn't it kinda funny that we start counting pregnancy weeks from the LMP, so the counter starts even before conception.  This time around, I'm starting my own counter.  I don't want to get a ticker (cause that would just be silly, although I did consider it), but it feels good in a way to think of myself as 1 week pregnant instead of CD 7. 

So far, minimal side effects from femara...some hot flashes and maybe one day of mood swings. 

We'll start BD'ing tomorrow (to flush out the old sperm!) and I'll start my OPKs on Tuesday.  As long as I don't have a surge before Friday, then I'll go for my monitoring ultrasound on Friday (CD 13) and then do trigger shot and IUI on Saturday.  Only 1 week from today!  I can't wait.  I really hope it works with IUI and that I have at least 1, but hopefully 2 or 3 good follicles. I'm nervous that I'll miss my surge or ovulate earlier and not be able to do IUI, but I really am trying to relax and just let it happen.  On Clomid, I ovulated on CD 17-19, then CD 16 (with trigger shot), then apparently CD 15 (based on my cycle length since I wasn't temping or monitoring.  I heard that Femara can move up ovulation day, but I'm still thinking that CD 13 will be okay for my monitoring ultrasound.  Anyone on femara have any experience with this????  Should I move up my monitoring ultrasound????

In other news, I started running again as well as hot yoga, which is incredible.  I was pretty sore this morning, but I feel great and I can't wait for the next class!!

Have a great weekend.  I'm on call today and tonight, so I'm just hoping to get a little bit of sleep. 


  1. I tried Femara once! Probably should have kept at it instead of my 300 clomid cycles. Good luck this month!!! I'm cheering for you!!!

  2. I am on femara for pcos and anovulation....femara, as u know is better than clomid for cm and makes less eggs, which is especially important for my pcos. Anyway I am on cycle 2 and currently in the 2ww. I took 5 mg day 3-7, went in for u/s cd 12 with follies but still too small to trigger....then went back 2 days later and they were ready to go (20mm and 18 mm)......triggered that evening and we are trying timed intercourse for 3 cycles....hopefully I won't need the 3rd cycle. I tested out the trigger (10,000 units of hcg) today which was cd 11. So now know my preggo test is real when I test in a few days...yay!!

    My only daughter (2 years old) was a product of femara, trigger, and iui.

    I conceived miraculously naturally in Jan 2011, but miscarried at 10 weeks on April fools day.....nice joke huh? We had genetic testing ( I am a PA in I demanded what I knew I could get and that would be give me closure....) and it was another girl who had Turners Syndrome....45x. I miss her everyday!!

    Good luck mama!! I have a feeling Femara is your golden ticket!!

    P.s. I don't have a fertility blog.....tried converting/adding it onto m old pregnancy blog, but the husband nixed that idea....and never officially started another hidden blog for my sanity...but I do read a million other ones, including yours...thanks for your direct honestly with the struggle, I think being in medicine is a little bit of an added curse...we know too stinking much!!

  3. (11 days past trigger...I tested the hcg out....not cd 11). Sorry!! I triggered on then evening of cd14, so that would be cd25, or 11 days part trigger or hopefully, 9 dpo.....hope that clarifies a little. Hopefully it's pregnancy brain!!!

  4. I took Femara 2.5mg from CD 3-7, u/s on CD 13, ovulated naturally CD 15. I did ovulate earlier on Femara than Clomid (CD 15 vs. CD 18-20). Just keep using OPKs. If you get a positive earlier than expected, call your RE and set up IUI for the following day. Good luck this cycle! I'll be onto a Femara/IUI cycle soon too.