Saturday, September 10, 2011

T-minus 14 hours...

until my first iui.  i'm so excited and so nervous.  i'm not sure if i've ovulated yet but i have had some ovary twinging and cramps since my hcg shot and my cervical mucus seem s a little thicker but it doesnt look like it does post-ovulation, it just looks like my clomid cm right around ovulation so i think we are still good.  based on my cm it's definitely a good thing that we are doing iui.  cj and i have abstained for the past 2 days (it will be 72 hours by the time of the iui).  oh man i really hooppe that this works!!  i'll be crossing my fingers for a good strong ovulation at the time of my iui tomorrow!!  please let this be our month!! please excuse the typos and punctuation since i'm posting from my phone!!

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