Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Friday!!

I had my CD 13 ultrasound this morning.  So far no +OPK's at home and just some twinging in my right and left ovaries, so I was anxious to see what was cooking.  I really don't mind these transvaginal ultrasounds because I love seeing what's going on in my body, especially when there's good news.  Plus, I only had to undress from the waist down which is much nicer than wearing one of those gowns.  The results are a nice, lush endometrium of 12mm and I think it was a triple layer.  So much thicker than my thin 7mm stripe on Clomid.  On my right ovary, I had one antral follicle that he measured, but it was probably only 14 or 15.  On the left, I had one mature follicle at 24 x 27mm.  It was huge.  We were going to do trigger shot in the office and then IUI tomorrow, but I will still be at work tomorrow morning and they aren't able to do an IUI after 11am when I got off work.  So, instead I'm going to trigger tonight (which will be fun because I'm on call in the hospital and then IUI on Sunday morning at 10am.  I asked him if I should be nervous about ovulating before the IUI, but he said no that it will be fine to wait one more day.  I really wish I could have the IUI tomorrow just to take some of my own fear away about missing the window, but I have to trust him and just go for it on Sunday.

Has anyone else ever missed ovulation with IUI after having a dominant follicle that was almost ready to go?  I really hope this works.  We have our basis covered though because we BD'd yesterday and the RE said that the sperm can last for up to 3 days.  I'm told CJ that I would relax again on Sunday after the IUI and he just laughed because of course after the IUI I'll be in the 2WW and that brings along another set of worries.

Now, I just need to make it through another 10 hours or so, give myself the trigger shot, then another 12 hours oncall, then sleep tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night, then IUI on Sunday morning, take it easy for the rest of Sunday.  Sounds like a good plan!!


  1. That's one nice follicle u got there lady :) I feel like I'm a pro at IUI's! Hehe jk. Iui's can drive u nuts and can make u think of "omg what if...." but like anything, u just gotta have faith and BELIEVE in it. if the dr says Sunday will be ok, then it'll be ok :) I've wondered myself what if I miss ovulation!!! Eeek... But luckily I didn't. everything will go smoothly! I'll be prayin extra hard for u and I hope the 2ww isn't too too crazy. :)

    Have a wonderful Saturday and an even more wonderful Sunday!! It's go time!! :)

  2. whoo hoo...almost there!! =0) Sending you good thoughts!