Saturday, May 28, 2011


It feels so good to be done working nights for a little while and to be awake during the day.  I'm actually back at work this morning.  (You may be wondering if I'm really a resident since all I do is blog at work, but I'm just very  I'm moonlighting this morning though so I'm making a little extra money by helping out in the OR.  I can't wait to get my next pay check. 

Something happened between when I wrote my last post and now.  It's pretty big and I'm really excited about it. 

I decided to be happy, positive, and thankful. 

I've been pretty negative since my first loss for good reasons I think.  (Losing my first baby, having 2 d&C's, not ovulating, really long cycles, 3 failed rounds of clomid, pregnant twin sister.)  The result of all my negativity has been lots of BFN's and one chemical.  Well, the negativity and the negatives end now. 

If I want to see a BFP, then I'm going to have to inject some positivity into my life.  And the truth is there is a lot that I can be positive about and so much that I am thankful for.  I've only been using this new outlook for a day, but I already feel better about life, this cycle, my TTC journey, my family, everything!!

There's a mindfulness technique that I learned at my class next week where first you bring to mind a stressful situation and really notice how your body feels and what thoughts come through your mind.  Then, you take a short break.  Next, you bring to mind something that you whole-heartedly appreciate, something that always brings your comfort and really notice your body and thoughts again.  For me, the stressful situation was my chemical pregnancy and when I was thinking about it, my pulse quickened and I felt a little nausea and very tense.  For the appreciation part, I thought about my husband and the change was immediate.  My pulse returned to normal, my heart felt lighter, my chest loosened up, my whole body relaxed.  After practicing this technique, I think I can use it on a daily basis to stay more positive and relaxed. 

Here's what I am so thankful for today.
1.  My wonderful husband, CJ.  He is awesome!!
2.  My new puppy who is just a bundle of love and energy.
3.  My great friends who have been so supportive.
4.  My family and in-laws.
5.  My great job, the people I work with, and that I'm actually pretty good at my job, it just comes naturally to me. 
6.  My health that I can do my insanity workouts and get back into shape.
7.  Summertime and wam weather!!
8.  Date nights with CJ (we went to Bone Fish for dinner last night and brought some ice cream home!)
9.  Making extra money by moon-lighting!!
10.  A long 3-day weekend!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!


  1. Your attitude is inspiring!

  2. Very inspiring post.. I think I need to write a few positive things about my life.