Tuesday, June 14, 2011

22 may really be my lucky number...

After my breakdown on Friday night, I rallied to complete a 30hr shift at work on Saturday and Sunday.  Then, I got to spend most of the day sleeping which was nice.  I decided to take my last digital OPK Sunday afternoon when I woke up.  Needless to say another blank circle stared up at me.  Fast forward to Monday afternoon.  After spending the morning try to figure out when I would call my RE and tell him I hadn't ovulated and ask him for a script for Provera.  I went to do some grocery shopping (since we had no food in our house) and I made an impulsive decision to stop at CVS and pick up some OPKs.  I was not about to spend $40 on the digital tests, but I did shell out $20 for the cheap CVS mid-stream tests.  I got home and made dinner for CJ and I, watched some tv, and help my urine until 8pm.  Then, it was test time.

Let me just say that this is the darkest line I have ever seen on this kind of OPK.  In person, half the line is as dark as the control line so I'm gonna go ahead and call this positive.  I took another test this morning, which was a little lighter, so I think I may have just missed the peak of my surge.  My temp was up this morning, so I guess we'll see if it was a true positive in a couple of days if my temp stays up.  Fingers crossed!!  CJ and I will just keep going with our schedule until my temps stay nice and high.  All I can say is better late than never and CD 22 really isn't that far off, but it's just hard being so patient and not knowing whether or not you're even gonna have a chance to be pregnant this month.

So, here's to CVS OPK's, CD 22, and taking a break...lol!!

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