Monday, June 27, 2011

My awesome weekend in bullet points.

1.  Left hospital at 10am on Friday morning and off for the entire weekend!!
2.  Played with puppy all day until CJ got home from work and then we packed up and headed up to Pittsburgh!!
3.  Stayed with one of my best friends from home.
4.  Slept in until 10am (I really needed to catch up on sleep after my call).  Then, Farmers Market on Saturday morning (where my friend works) where we had delicious chocolate milk, homemade perogies, and samples of goat cheese!!
5.  Hanging out in the Strip District on Saturday afternoon.
6.  Dinner in Shadyside at this really nice awesome asian restaurant where my best friend knew everyone.  We had great appetizers, entrees, and desserts at a huge discount!  Plus, another good friend from home met us for dinner.  It was great to see him again and catch up.  After dinner, we hit the street for a concert literally in the street before crashing back at my best friend's place.  Such a fun day!
7.  Slept in Sunday until 9am and then it was out the door for breakfast at Bruegers Bagels (I love Pittsburgh!).
8.  Next, we tailgated at the Red Sox-Pirates baseball game and had a gourmet grilled lunch and played ladder ball.  Plus, another one of our friend's from home (who we haven't seen in 3 years) met us for the game!
9.  Into PNC Park for the Red Sox game and we won!!  Plus, the weather was great (I did get a little sunburned though), I had some delicious dippin dots, and we had great seats!!  So much fun!!
10.  Back on the road and a return home and to our puppy!
It was just so nice being with friends from home (I am using the term home loosely here, but I did grow up with these friends at a summer camp and while I was growing up, I always considered camp my home.)  I just feel so refreshed and relaxed and yes, actually happy.  I'm worried that these good feelings will crash down once AF arrives this week and her arrival is close, but for now the weekend is exactly what I needed to recharge.
Also, I had a chance to talk to my twin sister on Friday for a long time and I think we cleared up some of our misunderstanding and worked out our communication difficulties.  While the situation is not fixed, I feel much better about it and I feel like I can actually talk to her now.  Plus, after my weekend in Pittsburgh, I'm still feeling so good, so I'm trying to extend that good feeling by reaching out to my sister.  We talked again on the trip home yesterday and it was a pretty good conversation with less awkwardness.  It's definitely an improvement!!

Now, I'm back on call in the PICU for one more night.  I hope you all had a great weekend too!!

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  1. So happy to hear about your great weekend! and that things are better with Lil, that makes me smile :) Its understandable that your worried that these good feelings may lessen but remember, happiness and feeling good can be a choice. This idea that while you can't be in control of when you get pregnant but you can be in control of being happy helped me out a ton! hugs :)