Friday, June 10, 2011

Still no Smiley Face...

Well, it's CD 19 today.  This is when I always got my smiley face when I was on Clomid and today I awoke to a blank open face.  I'm a little down, but I guess I still feel like I'm going to ovulate.  I'm trying to stay hopeful.  My temps are still low, my other fertile signs are good, and I've been having little twinges in my ovaries, so something must be going on in there right?!?  I only have one more OPK which I will take tomorrow and then if it's not + just ride out the rest of the month temping and Bd'ing.  It's just a little frustrating because my cycles were more predictable before my miscarriage and I never even worried about not ovulating.  I guess it's just more waiting.  I should be an expert in patience by

Happy Friday!!

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