Monday, June 20, 2011

Predicting the Future

Maybe the hardest thing about the 2WW is knowing that you either are or you're not and there's nothing you can do but wait for 14 days.  In my quest to find some hope and help me to relax this time around, I consulted some experts aka online horoscopes and an online magic eight ball.

I was a little biased because I did a search for Aquarius horoscope, 2011, pregnancy.  There were  a few hits, but this is by far my favorite (and obviously the most!!)

The new moon, June 1, will boost both areas (creativity / matters related to children) If you are dating someone special, the solar eclipse of June 1 will bring a flow of tender emotions to the surface. (During this time, I was working really hard to be more romantic with CJ and less stressed about TTC)  If you are single and not dating, you have an excellent chance of meeting your one true love in the weeks to come.
If you are already attached, a baby may well be part of the picture in the weeks or months ahead. You have some of the best planetary support possible for pregnancy, birth, and your relationship to your children.  (By far my favorite part of the reading!!  Let's face it I need all the support I can get!!) If you already have children and are worried about their welfare, you, too, will be in luck.

I also liked this reading a lot.

Although your sign can be pretty nomadic, you’re suddenly interested in settling down these days. That’s because on June 4th, lucky Jupiter pays a twelve-month visit to Taurus, your fourth house of home, family, and roots. Pregnancy and children are on the radar for the next year. We expect to see a slew of Aquarius celebrities on the “baby bump” list. If you’re trying to get pregnant or thinking of expanding your family, this would be a great time, as the fourth house rules motherhood. (YEA!!)

I also consulted the online magic 8 ball because I saw some other people post about it.  Wow, it is so addicting and it's awesome because you can just keep asking different questions until you get the answer you want! Needless to say, it told me YES for my question about whether I would get pregnant this month and if I would have a baby in March or February.

I hope you all had a great weekend!!


  1. Happy ICLW!!

    I hope that your horoscope comes true!! The Cycle we finally got our BFP had so many stars aligned I was scared it wouldn't happen for us!!

    Tons of pixie for you!!!

    ICLW #96

  2. The 2ww truly sucks. I'm glad you found an entertaining way to relieve some of the stress and I really hope those horoscopes come true.

    ICLW #10