Wednesday, June 29, 2011

6 many more to go...

Today is CD 2.  I was pretty upset yesterday.  I really thought that this was our month...that we were going to get lucky on a break month after my HSG.  Oh well.  That marks 6 cycles of trying, 8 total cycles, and 10 months since my miscarriage.  I really never thought that it would take this long to get pregnant again.  I feel like I have been able to work past and through my grief from my miscarriage, but I just don't think I'll be complete and whole again until I get pregnant and have a baby.  Let me tell you, I cannot wait until that time!!  I still feel like its coming soon and the positive from last cycle was that I ovulated on my own.

This month, its a whole new ballgame.  I'll be on clomid again, but this time CD 3-7 (so I start tomorrow!!) Then, its in for a CD 12 ultrasound which I have to pay for out of pocket (not fun at all) and then we'll see!  I'm not really that hopeful this month, but I'm excited for the extra monitoring and who knows maybe I'll even get a trigger shot out of it and ovulate at a normal time instead of CD 19-22ish.

Cycle 7 here we come!!


  1. Bah.. sorry to hear the last cycle was a bust. I feel the same way. It's also been around 10 months since my miscarriages, and I'm so over them, but now annoyed that it's taking this long to get pregnant again. Clomid is calling my name.

  2. I'm sorry that this wasn't your month. :( I totally understand what you are saying about not being whole again until you get pregnant and have a baby. I'm right there with you. Hopefully that day is coming soon.
    Here's hoping that cycle 7 is the one!

  3. Hoping this cycle is a success for you. Miscarriage sucks, especially when you don't get pregnant again quickly. Hoping you ovulate in a timely fashion this month.