Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Day Before Retrieval...

We pulled the trigger last night at 9:15.  CJ had to wake me up to give me the shot since I had fallen asleep on the couch.  It went well though since CJ is an expert at subq injections.  We'll see how he is at IM later this week.  I'm feeling pretty good today.  Just nervous about the usual stuff...how many eggs are they going to get, how am I going to feel tomorrow, how's will CJ's sperm look, will any of my eggs fertilize...will this work...mostly though I'm just stuck on the first question, how many eggs will we get?  Only time will tell and it's not too much longer to wait!!

In other news, I just made an appointment for a massage on Thursday evening.  I've been reading that's its good to do acupuncture or massage before a transfer to help with relaxation.  It's kinda expensive and it's definitely not something I need, but I think it will help and I have been super stressed out this past week or so.  I also have an appointment with my therapist.  My first one since we started stims and I hope she can help me with some relaxation/coping techniques for this week. 

Symptom-wise, I'm not feeling great.  I've very bloated and I've had occasional cramps and twinges and my ovaries seem to hurt every time I stand up or sit down or move around, which is a lot of fun since I'm working in a clinic seeing patients today and there has been a lot of sitting and standing and moving around.  I'm not complaining though.  I'm happy about the symptoms because it means that my ovaries are doing their job and growing some nice follicles/eggs.  The symptoms definitely make me happy, but it's tough because no one at work knows why I would be in pain or stressed this week or having to take tomorrow off, so I kinda feel like I've been living in a bubble.  It's nice inside the bubble though...just me, CJ, our puppy, lots of shots, and the docs and nurses at the clinic. 

Has anyone gotten a massage before transfer?  Did it help?


  1. I cant wait to see retrevial results and you will hopefully be more comfortable.

    I am doing the acupuncture treatmens pre and post ivf. I would love to know about the massage though.

  2. I've done accupuncture but never gotten a massage. I'm sure it will help you to relax. I hope you get a good bunch of eggs tomorrow. Retrieval really isn't too bad, I remember being the most uncomfortable prior to retrieval last time. Can't wait to hear how many you get!

  3. Wow, I'm having all the same thoughts pre-retrieval tomorrow... crazy. We have a lot in common - if you ever want to chat, I'm at reluctantinfertile at hotmail dot com.

  4. So excited for your retrieval tomorrow!!! Crossing my fingers for you. :)

  5. Hi AJ! GL to you tomorrow!!! I'll be thinking of you. I've heard good things about massages before transfer. I'm just a few days behind you :)

  6. Prayers and hugs coming your way!!!