Sunday, January 22, 2012

My first post as a 29 year old...

Well, after the excitement and hope from yesterday's ultrasound and bloodwork, I fully expected a good rise today (despite the decreased dose last night.)  My ultrasound this morning after 8 days of stimms looked good and the doc measured 8 follicles (6 on right and 2 on left between 14-17 and I have a few smaller ones on each side.  He called and left a message a little while ago and my E2 level increased to 1471.  I'm a little disappointed again because I was hoping for another big increase, but I think this is just what my body dose because every other day there is a smaller increase and that is followed by a larger day.  If you look at my estrogen levels every 2 days then the level always more than doubles.  So, I need to keep being positive and try not to stress.

Plan for tonight is Gonal-F 450 (back up to the higher dose) and HCG 30U (again at the higher dose), followed by Cetrotide at 10:15pm and back for another ultrasound in the morning.  At the appointment today, he said it looks like one more day, so I'm hoping that we get the good news that we can trigger tomorrow night with retrieval on Wednesday.  I just really hope that my levels continue to go up, especially with the higher dose tonight.  We'll be opening our 7th box of Gonal F tonight.  Wow, I'm a just chewing up these meds.

Here's what it looks like for my E2 levels.  What do you guys think?
After 3 days stims = 163
After 4 days stims = 254
After 5 days stims = 497
After 6 days stims = 671
After 7 days stims = 1217
After 8 days stims = 1471

In other news, it has been a wonderful birthday weekend (kinda surprisingly.)  I got to catch up with my best friends from out of town, spend some quality time with CJ, and rest and relax (well, the relaxing is questionable.)  Now, I think it's time for a walk and then some football.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


  1. Sorry. Wish I knew more about the appropriate rises for E2. I think your follicle numbers look good though :) Wednesday is almost here!

  2. Wow, looks like we might be heading for the same trigger & retrieval dates - my clinic doesn't tell me my E2 unless I ask, so all I know is that my level after 5 days of stims was 651 - I hope that's good but honestly I have no idea. To me, your numbers look like they're rising appropriately and I can't wait to hear good news after your appointment tomorrow!

  3. I think your estrogen is exactly where it should be. I had a chat with the nurse this morning before my retrieval because I was feeling mine was very low at trigger (only 700 with 10 follicles). She said, that yes, it did seem low, but that I met the criteria for trigger, being at least 600, with at least for follicles, with 2 being 18 or over. What a low number can show is that some of the follicles might be empty, because each mature egg should produce 100-250 of estrogen. So, with 1471 at 8 follicles, it looks perfect to me! Interestingly enough, with my lower estrogen, and my 10 follicles, we still ended up with 12 eggs today! Of course, I still don't know how many are mature. Hang in there. It seems to me that you're doing just fine. And Happy Birthday!!

  4. Your numbers are in no way low. If you continue to double your E2 will be over 2800 with 10 days of stims and there is nothing wrong with that. I was always obsessed with my E2 levels and always wished that they were high. Well, I got my wish this last cycle and hyperstimmed. I ended up having to stop stims all together and I was only able to trigger with a half dose of HCG. The day after ER, I was put on a medication to lower my E2 level to help with the OHSS. For 5 days I was worried sick that my transfer would be cancelled because of my high E2 level. So what I am trying to say is that your numbers are perfect right now. Also, try not to get too hung up on the number of follicles that they see. This last IVF we counted 12 follicles on day of trigger but we ended up retrieving 27! This happened to me one other IVF too. Sending positive vibes your way..