Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Dozen!!

That's how many eggs we got.  12!!  I'm really happy, but I know that this is far from over.  I just had these fears that I would go in there today and they wouldn't be able to get any eggs or only a couple, but 12 is a great number!!

The retrieval went really well.  We got to the clinic at 7:30 and the procedure nurse brought us over the the pre-op/recovery room.  Then, I changed into my gown and hospital socks and jumped back under the blankets and heating pad that they had because it was freezing in the room.  The nurse came back in and started an iv.  Then, I met the anesthesiologist who was really nice and friendly and my doc popped his head in to say hi before the started giving me the good drugs.  I kissed my husband goodbye and they wheeled me into the procedure room.  I remember the anesthesiologist saying that she gave me some versed and then I remember them helping me get my legs in position and putting the EKG and BP cuff and nasal cannula on...and I remember feeling a little dizzy, but I was trying to keep my eyes open...and then the next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room with my husband there.  It was a very pleasant experience and everyone was so nice.  My husband left to go do his thing.  Side note:  in the room for him to do his thing there is a tv with a dvd player, but the eject button is broken, so every time he goes there he has to watch "Juicy," which I think is hilarious.  He was back pretty quickly and I drank some ginger ale, ate a york peppermint patty, had my iv removed, and got dressed.  The nurse then gave us the instructions about the PIO shots which we will start tomorrow morning.  Then, they gave us the final count of 12 eggs and sent us in the way.

I'm feeling pretty good now.  Minimal pain, minimal spotting, just a little nausea/dizziness, but overall I feel pretty good.  I'm looking forward to the call from the lab tomorrow morning.  Let's make some babies!!

Good luck to Charlotte at The Reluctant Infertile who had her egg retrieval today too!!  And thank you to everyone for your supportive comments and helpful tips.  I really feel like we have an awesome sorority here online that I know has helped me especially going through IVF.  Thanks!!


  1. 12 eggs that is fantastic number! I am glad your retrevial went well and cant wait for your fertilization report. Way to go!

  2. 12 eggs is fantactic! So happy that things went so well and you got a good crop of eggs. :-)

  3. That's great! I hope you get an excellent report tomorrow!

  4. Yay! Great story! Can't wait to hear the report tomorrow!

  5. Great number!! Hoping for great fertilization.