Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Estradiol Level Update...

The nurse just left a message that my E2 level is 254 after 4 days
stims.  It is up from 163 yesterday.  They want me to up my meds
tonight, so I'll be taking Gonal-F 450IU and HCG 30U.  I go in
tomorrow morning for my 2nd ultrasound and repeat blood work.  I'm
definitely concerned that I'm not responding well enough to the meds,
but the nurse made it sound like the level was okay since I had a
bunch of follicles.  The other downside of needing to increase my dose
of Gonal-F is that it is so expensive at $372/box (which is 600IU).  I
really hope this works and the cycle doesn't end of being cancelled
since we've already spent about $1200 on meds alone.  It's great
getting daily updates on how I'm doing, but it's really hard trying to
figure out how I'm doing and if everything will work out okay.
Believe me, I'm definitely trying not to stress, but it's hard because
I fee like my levels are a little on the low side (especially since
they increased my meds for tonight.)

Here we go, Day #5 of stims.  I'll be praying for a nice rise in my E2
level and some beautiful follicles tomorrow!!

In symptoms note, I started feeling occaisional twinges in my lower
abdomen so hopfully there is something growing in there and I'm just
off to a slow start.


  1. Come on follies, grow, grow, grow!

  2. Slow and steady wins the race.....grow grow grow!

  3. Try not to get discouraged. You are still so early in the stimming process. I remember going in for U/S every other day towards the end and I would have 2-3 more follies "pop" up that were a good size for retrieval. My Dr. said you will have a good 12-14 days of stimming, maybe more, some people a day or so less.

    Since you are paying out of pocket for meds. you should ask your office about donated meds. I had no idea, however once one of the nurses found out our insurance didn't cover the meds. she gave us a ton of donated/free medicine. We hardly had to pay for any of our medicine and once we were pregnant and released from our RE at 8 weeks we paid it forward and donated the rest back. It wouldn't hurt to ask?

    1. That is a great idea! I didn't know you could donate your old meds to your doctor. I hope to look into that some day!

  4. That's a great idea. I'm going to ask about donated meds tomorrow!! Thanks!!

  5. Ouch! Those meds costs really mount up fast! I hope that you respond well to this increased dosage!

  6. thanks for your support!! I'll be right there with you! good luck! and enjoy driving to your appts in your fun car! :)