Thursday, January 19, 2012

Monitoring Ultrasound #2

So after 5 days of stims and a dose increase last night, I went in for my 2nd ultrasound this morning.  Here's the update.

My lining looked thicker, but the doctor didn't measure it.  The on my left ovary there was 1 bigger follicle measuring 10 by 12 and at least 3 smaller ones.  On my right ovary, he measured 5 foll, on right 5 measured between 10 and 15 and at least 3 smaller ones...did not measure lining.  In 2 days will have a better idea of how many follicles will be good and when the retrieval will likely occur. 

I'll update later when I get my estradiol levels, but I'm feeling pretty good after the ultrasound this morning.  I've been praying a lot more and I think that's definitley helping!!

I did ask about donated Gonal-F and they said that they never have any of that donated.  Oh well.  It was worth asking about. 

Come on follies!!

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  1. Wow, your doctor gives you a lot of info on your follies! Mine doesn't usually tell me numbers, and I don't ask, which I think I kind of prefer (in an "ignorance is bliss" kind of way). It sounds like you are on the right track!! Too bad about the Gonal-F. :-(